irD - Invaders refuge dungeon virtual map v1.3.3

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*How to use*
Type raid- in drakkar to obtain your coordinates

Left click to drag the map around
Mouse scroll to zoom the map

Right click to select the current tile at the mouse location in order to add a comment to that tile (type it in the command box)

Double click (left mouse) to add a map pin, left clicking the map pin allows you to edit it, click the 'new pin' text in the edit box to modify the pins label
Right click a map pin from the list to edit the pin without needing to click the pin on the map.

Pressing F1 will save any changes

Go to a set of coordinates using the Go to Location feature
first box is the X coord, second box is the Y coord

Create a path from one location to another using the Destination feature
First box is the X coord, second box is the Y coord

Find the nearest point of interest using the Nearest to location feature
first box is the X coord, second box is the Y coord
After entering your coordinates, click the desired point of interest icon
Click the gear icon in order to filter out the level of the object if applicable

Map pin list types
The first tab 'My Pins' is where the pins you add will appear
The second tab 'Pins' is where default pins will appear
The third tab 'Other Pins' is where exterior pins from other people will appear when loaded
The fourth tab 'Anvils' is where all available anvils will appear sorted by level

Available Toggles;
Show/Hide 'Map notes'
Show/Hide axis indicator bars
Color of the path when drawn
Show/Hide 'Map area' labels
Show/Hide 'Map area'
Show/Hide 'Map pin' labels
Show/Hide 'Map pins'

Chain search mode for 'Nearest to location'
Enter a starting set of coordinates then click your desired object icon, each time the icon is clicked you'll be shown
the path to the next nearest object of that type

In order to share your map pins, make a copy of the file '' located in the Data folder.
Rename the copy to any name desired so long as the extension '.data' is not changed.
Share that file with who ever you wish to share your map pins with.

In order to use map pins shared with you, place them in a folder called 'OtherPins' (it is created when the program is first started)
After starting up irD, the shared pins will appear in the 'Other Pins' category

More features will come in new versions, check back often and feel free to share feedback!

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